Public Forum on 800 MHz Spectrum Sharing

9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Commission Meeting Room at FCC Headquarters in Washington, DC

The FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, and Office of Engineering and Technology hosted this public forum on improving the co-existence of Cellular (and other commercial wireless) licensees and public safety licensees in the 800 MHz band.

In its Cellular Reform Second Report and Order adopted March 23, 2017, the Commission revised the Cellular Service power and related technical rules to provide much more flexibility in deployment of advanced broadband services and promote spectral efficiency, while taking steps to protect public safety and other systems in the 800 MHz band from potential increased interference. Recognizing that stakeholder-led efforts on the part of Cellular licensees, public safety entities, and public safety equipment manufacturers are crucial to resolving lingering concerns about unacceptable interference to public safety mobile and portable radios, the Commission directed the Bureaus to convene a forum to foster the conversation and further good-faith efforts among representatives of these stakeholders.

The panels in this forum discussed the history of the 800 MHz interference issue, deployment plans of advanced broadband services by wireless carriers and joint testing plans with public safety, status of public safety receivers, and potential solutions for improved coexistence of spectrum users in the 800 MHz band.

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