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The qualifications for the testing laboratory used to demonstrate compliance of a Radio Frequency (RF) Device to the FCC rules is based on the required approval procedure for the device. The following is a summary of the laboratory qualifications for the certification and Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity procedures.


Section 2.948 requires that equipment authorized under the certification procedure be tested at an FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratory with the appropriate scope of accreditation.


For equipment authorized using the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) procedure, it is not necessary to perform the testing at an FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratory, however, an accredited testing laboratory may be used.  The testing laboratory used is required to maintain a description of the test facility, as required by Section 2.948(b).  The description of the test facility does not need to be submitted to the FCC, unless requested.


A list of FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratories is provided on the FCC website at:
For more information regarding the accreditation of testing laboratories, see KDB Publication 974614.

Accredited Testing Laboratory Recognition Procedure

Step 1 – Laboratory Accreditation

  • Seek accreditation from the one of the FCC-recognized accreditation bodies listed on the FCC webpage.
  • Obtain ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation with a scope covering the applicable FCC requirements and test methods.
  • The accreditation body will use the Accredited Testing Laboratory FCC Technical Assessment checklist to assist in the assessment of testing laboratory.  See KDB Publication 853844.

Step 2 – Designation

  • After completion of the accreditation process, a request for recognition is submitted to the FCC. The party submitting the request is known as the designating authority (DA).
  • For accredited testing laboratories in the United States or in non-MRA countries, the DA is the FCC-recognized accreditation body.
  • For accrediting bodies in MRA countries the DA is defined in the MRA. In MRA countries, the DA reviews the accreditation information and makes a determination as to whether the testing laboratory meets the requirements for designation. Once the DA determines that the requirements have been met, it designates the testing laboratory to the FCC by providing the information identified in KDB Publication 901874 for review and recognition by the FCC.

Step 3 – FCC Recognition

  • The FCC will review the information submitted regarding the testing laboratory.
  • The FCC will make a determination on whether to recognize the testing laboratory.
  • The FCC will notify the DA of the decision on the request for recognition.
  • A list of FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratories is provided on the FCC web page.
Thursday, November 2, 2017