Antenna Structure Registration - Help

This article provides information on the process to be followed when a federal agency other than the FCC reviews the environmental effects of a proposed antenna structure. The FCC provides a limited exemption from the environmental notification process for antenna structures to be located on federal land and certain other structures reviewed by other federal agencies.

Under this exemption, you do not need to complete the environmental notification process if:

  • The proposed antenna structure will be located on federal land and the landholding agency has assumed lead agency responsibilities for evaluating potentially significant environmental effects (using federal funds for the project is insufficient); or
  • Another federal agency has assumed lead agency responsibility for evaluating the proposed antenna structure’s potentially significant environmental effects pursuant to a written agreement with the Commission (at the current time, we have no such written agreements).

If you assert this exemption for a proposed tower, you must submit the environmental documentation produced by the lead agency. The Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system will prompt you to provide the documentation when you submit Part 2 of your Form 854 filing.