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Antenna Structure Registration - Help

This article provides information on filing a Pleading for an application in the Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system. There is a separate help article about filing a Request for Environmental Review.

Steps to Filing a Pleading in ASR

  1. Go to the Pleadings Page.
  2. Select the Pleading Type from the drop down box
  3. Enter the Filer and Contact Information and click Continue
  4. Click the File or Registration Number button
  5. Enter the File or Registration Number in the box and click Submit

    Note: Repeat Step 5 for each File or Registration Number

  6. Check the box next to each File or Registration Number and click Continue
  7. Select the Type of Pleading, Browse the location to upload the pleading, enter a Description of the pleading, and click Add Attachment

    Note: Repeat Step 7 for each separate file you want to upload

  8. Click Submit Pleading

FAQs – Filing a Pleading in ASR

Are there specific FCC rules regarding filing pleadings?

Yes. Some of the rules you should be familiar with are: 1.45, 1.47, 1.106, and 1.939. The content of these rules are available at the Rules Page.

Where does my pleading go once I submit it?

Pleadings are associated in ASR with each application (File Number) that you entered on the Pleadings Page. You can enter the File Number in the ASR Application Search to find your pleading.

How long does it take for the FCC to review and process my Pleading?

Pleadings are processed on a case-by-case basis.

Friday, October 14, 2022