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Getting Started With Universal Licensing System (ULS)

New Users Guide to Getting Started With Universal Licensing System (ULS)

The Universal Licensing System (ULS) allows you to use any PC with Internet access to research, manage, renew, and pay any applicable fees for your wireless licenses through a password-protected account. ULS frees you from having to fill out and mail paper application, and gives you secure, online access to your licenses and pending applications.

REGISTER - Get Your FRN & Password

Before using ULS, you must first register with the FCC's Commission Registration System (CORES) to receive an FCC Registration Number (FRN).

To determine if you already have an FRN associated with an existing license, useULS License Search and search by Call Sign or By Name. The FRN will appear on the search results page and the License Detail page for each license. To determine the FRN associated with existing antenna structure registrations, use ASR Registration Search, and search by Registration Number, FAA Study, or Owner Name. Your FRN will be displayed on the Owner Tab within the registration record. After determining your FRN, choose Online Filing from the ULS Home page.

Note: You may hold multiple FRNs from the Commission, but each call sign or ASR number can be associated with only one FRN.

Follow these steps to register in CORES -

  1. On the ULS Home page, select New User & Registration.
  2. From the FCC Registration - Login page, click the "REGISTER" link under "Need a Username?"
  3. Fill in the requested information; items noted with an * indicate required information. Then click "Create Account".  NOTE: The password must be 12 to 15 characters long, cannot include any part of your Username, and must meet all of the following criteria: 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, 1 number, and 1 punctuation mark/special character.
  4. Once your FCC Username Account has been created, you will be directed to a Create New Account - Confirmation page.  Note: Your FCC Username Account will not be activated until you have verified the email address provided. You will receive an email from FCCRegistration@fcc.gov to the email address provided as the username.  Access the email and follow the instructions within the email to activate your Username Account.  An FCC Registration Number (FRN) is not automatically associated to your FCC Username Account when it's created.  You will need to log back in to CORES to create an FRN.  
  5. Once you have verified your email address, log in to CORES using your Username and password.
  6. Click on "Register New FRN"
  7. You will be prompted to register as an Individual or Business Entity.  Note: If you are registering as an individual you will be asked to select either a CORES FRN Registration or Restricted Use FRN.  Restricted Use FRN's can only be used for reporting individuals on Form 323 (Ownership Report for Commercial Broadcast Station) and Form 323-E (Ownership Report for Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Station). Unless you are registering an FRN to use on a Form 323 and Form 323-E, please register a CORES FRN Registration.
  8. Fill in the requested information; items noted with an * indicate required information. Then click "Submit". 
  9. CORES will present you with a confirmation page which includes your new FRN. We recommend printing this page for your records you will need to use your FRN and password to apply for and manage licenses within ULS and antenna structures within ASR.
  10. Under the heading "To continue on to another FCC Filing system," choose ULS.
  11. An intermediate screen will appear. If you have existing call signs or antenna structure registrations (but were not previously assigned an FRN), you must "associate" these records with your newly-issued FRN in ULS. Select ULS License Manager to associate call signs with your FRN. To associate ASR numbers with your FRN, select ASR Online Filing.

Note: When you login to ULS or ASR to submit a New application or register an antenna structure, make sure you use the FRN you want associated with that filing.

You may return to the CORES registration facilities at any time to update your login information.

FRN Password and Personal Security Question (PSQ)

Your FRN password ensures that only you and your authorized representatives are able to update your FRN registration information and make changes or updates to your ULS applications, licenses, or antenna structure registrations. Your password must be 12 to 15 characters long and is case-sensitive. The Personal Security Question (PSQ) provides users the ability to associate their new CORES username accounts to an FRN that was established in the old CORES system. Individuals can choose from question types commonly used in industry such as "Your mother's maiden name," "Your favorite pet's name," and "City of your birth." Business entities can choose from predefined question types appropriate to their needs, such as "Internal employee ID." If you are not satisfied with the question types provided, you may define your own custom question type using the "Custom Personal Security Question" option. Simply select 'Custom Personal Security Question' from the dropdown box, then provide your custom question and corresponding answer in the entry blanks provided.


For those interested in taking an Amateur License test, we strongly recommend that you pre-register before the examination.Amateur Clubs need to contact a Club Administrator.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023