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Getting Started With Universal Licensing System (ULS)

From the Universal Licensing System (ULS) home page click the Applications or Licenses buttons next to the Search heading. CORES registration is not required to use ULS to search for applications, ownership disclosure information or licenses on file within ULS.

ULS Application Search enables you to quickly check the status of pending applications and examine their attachments and provides access to ownership information. ULS License Search allows you to view licenses and any special conditions, comments or other filings associated with those licenses.

ULS gives you the power to search by one or more of the designated information fields found on licenses and applications. The more fields you use for your search criteria, the more specific your results will be.

  • In ULS Application Search, you can search by File Number, FRN, Licensee Name, Application status, application purpose, radio service, auction ID, and other fields.
  • In ULS License Search, search by Licensee Name, FRN, Call Sign, Frequencies, License status, market areas, and other fields.

If you do not know your FRN, search by call sign, or licensee name in ULS License Search. Click Help for information about customizing fields and sorting search results.

Tip: If you are looking for a single application or license, we recommend you search using the file number or call sign. You can also choose Geosearch to find records by state and county, within a radius of a street address, or by latitude and longitude.

Mapping Your Search

The Geographic Information System (GIS) creates dynamic maps and displays licensed spectrum in relation to geographical boundaries. GIS mapping is ideal for illustrating the locations of licensees in a specific state or region. To access GIS, simply click the “map” button on a ULS search results page.

Downloading ULS Search Results

ULS has the capability to download applications listed on the Application Search results page and data for licenses listed on the License Search results page. Refer to the File Format for Downloaded ULS Data) for instructions on downloading.

Click the blue Help button on the ULS License Search page for more information about license search. In ULS Application Search, click the “?” button on the ULS Application Search page for more information about Application Search, or click the blue Help button on the Search Ownership Disclosure Information page for more information about searching ownership information.

Thursday, April 6, 2023