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The mission of the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) is to make recommendations to the Commission to promote the security, reliability, and resiliency of the Nation’s communications systems.  Every two years, since 2009, CSRIC has been rechartered to address new issues as assigned by the Federal Communications Commission’s Chairman.  In response to these tasks, CSRIC produces reports that address various aspects of the issues as directed, including recommendations and best practices.  All of the reports produced by CSRICs since 2009 are linked below.

CSRIC VIII Reports 2022-2023

CSRIC VII Reports 2019-2021

CSRIC VI Reports 2017-2019

CSRIC V Reports 2015-2017

CSRIC IV Reports 2013-2015

CSRIC III Reports 2011-2013

CSRIC II Reports 2009-2011