December 18, 1995 - May 6, 1996
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89 small business bidders won 493 licenses
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For more information about PCS Buildout, see Broadband PCS.
ORDER (DA 13-1341)
Club 42 CM Limited Partnership
LETTER (DA 12-442)
Final Default Obligation for Auction 5, Longstreet Communications International, Inc.
LETTER (DA 11-850)
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.
Winning Bidders
Entrepreneurs' C Block Auction Closes
FCC Announces Winning Bidders in the Auction of 493 Licenses to Provide Broadband PCS in Basic Trading Areas
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Qualified Bidders
Qualified Bidders and Bidding Instructions for December 18, 1995 Broadband PCS C block Auction
This Public Notice identifies applicants who have been found qualified to bid in the auction for 493 Basic Trading Area (“BTA”) licenses to provide Broadband Personal Communications Services (“PCS”) in the 1895-1910 MHz and the 1975-1990 MHz bands, scheduled to begin December 18, 1995. This Notice also provides bidding instructions and other important information regarding the auction.
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Bidder Information Package For Auction 5

Supplemental Bidder Information Package and Broadband Personal Communications Services (PCS) Bidder Information Package
Table of Contents, I. Introduction, II. Auction Procedures, terms and Conditions: pdf
III. Electronic Filing and Remote Access Instructions, Software Order Form and Seminar Reg., IV. FCC Forms and Instructions: pdf
V. Sixth Report and Order and Amended FCC Rules: pdf
Table of Contents, I. Introduction: pdf
II. Auction Procedures, Terms and Conditions: pdf
III. Electronic Filing and Remote Access Instructions, FCC Seminar Workshop Info: pdf
IV. FCC Forms, Organizational Guidelines & Checklist: pdf - pdf
V. Selected FCC Auction Rules & Partial Bibliography: pdf (A) - pdf (B) - pdf (C) - pdf (D) - pdf (E)