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     Audio Division Administers Radio Broadcasting (Separate Page)
     General Information about Radio Broadcasting
     AM Radio
     FM, Low Power FM (LPFM), and FM Translators
     Tools and Common Searches
     Broadcast Filings
     Tower and Antenna Structure Registration
     International Considerations
     Historical Interest
     Related Material
     Media Bureau Directory (Separate Page)
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General Information about Radio Broadcasting

New Visitors' Info -- Recommended First Reading
The Public and Broadcasting (a Guide)
How to Apply for a Broadcast Station
Emergency Alert System (EAS)
Obscenity, Indecency, and Profanity
Inspection Fact Sheet
   Broadcast Self-Inspection Checklists
Licensee-conducted Contests
Noncommercial Nature of Educational Broadcasting
Operators Licenses NOT Required for DJ's, Staff at a Licensed Broadcast Station Since 1995
Political Programming
Religious Broadcasting Ban Rumor Old and Untrue
Tower and Antenna Siting Considerations
Unattended Operation of Radio and TV Stations
Why Do FM Frequencies End in an Odd Decimal?
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AM Radio

AM Query -- Search for Information on AM Stations
AM Broadcast Station Classes
ALLO Preliminary AM Study
Critical Hours (Section 73.187) - Class B and D only
Daytime-only AM stations -- New AM Daytime-only Stations Discontinued in 1987
Digital AM Radio
   List of AM Stations Transmitting Digitally
Defective AM Applications
Electrical Degrees <=> Meters
Energy-saving MDCL Technology Waivers
Figure 8 - Minimum Efficiency Calculations
Ground Conductivity in the USA (M3 Map)
Groundwave Field Strength Graphs (Section 73.184)
Sampling Systems - Criteria for Approval
   Design Considerations for AM Sampling Systems
Stereo Broadcasting by AM Stations
Local Sunrise / Sunset Calculations for AM Radio
Travelers' Information Stations on the AM Band
Why AMs Reduce Power/Cease Operation at Night
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FM Radio, Low Power FM Radio (LPFM), and FM Translators

FM Query -- Search for Information on FM Stations
Allotment Rulemaking NPRMs and Orders
Channel <=> Frequency
Digital FM Radio
   List of FM Stations Transmitting Digitally
   Super-Powered Maximum Digital ERP
FM Station Classes and Service Contours
FM Commercial Channel Finder
FM Power Station Class Calculations
HAAT - Antenna Height above Average Terrain
FM Model for radiofrequency calculations for FM antennas
Preliminary FM Study
Renewal of License for Radio Broadcast Stations
   Radio License Dates by DATE
   Radio License Dates by STATE
Transmission Line Calculations
Service Contour Data Points (FM)
Service Contour Maps via the FM Query (Select the Detailed Output Option)
Subcarriers, Subsidiary Communications Authority (SCA)
Low Power FM Broadcast Radio Stations
Low Power FM (LPFM) Channel Finder
FM Translators and Boosters
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TV / Television

Video Division -- MORE TV Info Here
TV Query -- Search for Information on TV Stations
Antenna Height above Average Terrain (HAAT)
DTV Reception Maps
License Renewal for Television Stations
Service Contour Maps via the TV Query (Select the Detailed Output Option)
TV Channel to Frequency Band
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Broadcast Actions (Public Notices)
Broadcast Applications (Public Notices)
Broadcast Station Totals (Licensed Station Counts)
Broadcast Self-Inspection Checklists
Call Sign Changes
News Releases (Media Bureau)
Orders (Media Bureau)
Public Notices (Media Bureau)
Status Reports for AM, FM, and FM Translator Minor Change Applications
Silent Station Lists (AM and FM)
   AM Community Change Minor Change Applications List per the R&O in Docket 05- 210
   FM Community Change Minor Change Applications List per the R&O in Docket 05- 210
Daily Digest
EDOCS Search
ECFS - Electronic Comment Filing
Federal Register (GPO)
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Common Searches, Tools, and Data

AM Query
FM Query
TV Query
Find Community Coordinates
CDBS Public Access Searches
CDBS Database Public Files
Circle Plot KML File Generator
Degrees Minutes Seconds to/from Decimal Degrees
Distance Between 2 Coordinates
Find Terminal Coordinates
FM and TV Propagation Curves Calculations
   FM and TV Propagation Curves Graphs
HAAT - Antenna Height above Average Terrain
Low Power FM (LPFM) Channel Finder
Media Bureau Public Databases (Including CDBS)
NADCON - NAD27/NAD83 Conversions
   Broadcast Applications STILL Require NAD27 Coordinates
Service Contour Data Points (FM)
Service Contour Data Points (TV)
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Broadcast filings

Auctions Information (WTB)
Emergency Antennas, Silent Stations, Special Temporary Authority
   Anti-Drug Abuse Certification for STAs Filed on Paper
Renewal of License for Radio Broadcast Stations
CDBS - Media Bureau Filing Systems & Databases
   Broadcast Electronic Filing (CDBS)
   CDBS Users' Guide
   Call Sign Reservation / Authorization
   Broadcast Mailing Address Search
   CDBS Public Access (Database Searches)
   Search by Application ID Number
   Search for Old Broadcast Call Sign (Since 1980)
Electioneering Communications Database
   Application Processing Fees & Fee Guides
   Regulatory Fees
RF Safety
   OET Bulletins 56 and 65
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Tower and Antenna Structure Registration

ASRS Queries
ASRN Records Within a Radius
FAA Form 7460-1
Tower Construction Notifications / Section 106 NHPA
Tower and Antenna Siting Considerations
Tower Owners: Save Birds! Save Money! through red obstruction light modifications
Tower Light Outage Reporting to the FAA

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International considerations

Broadcast Agreements with Canada
Broadcast Agreements with Mexico
High Frequency (Shortwave) Broadcasting
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Historical Interest

Annual Reports of the FCC and FRC
Radio Service Bulletins, 1915 to 1932
Radio History Documents
Radio Act of 1927 established the Federal Radio Commission. 
Radio Communication Laws of the United States and the International Radiotelegraphic Convention, Edition August 15, 1919 [Department of Commerce, Bureau of Navigation]

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Related Information

Cable Transmission of Radio Programming
Coverage Maps, Statements about Coverage
Free Speech vs. Right to Broadcast (an Explanation, Not a Court Case)
Spectrum Allocations Wall Chart (USA)
Part 15 Devices, AM Carrier Current Stations
Ratings Distortion by Stations (Policy Statement)
Studio- Transmitter Link (STL), Remote Pickup Units (RPU)
Telephone Conversations, Broadcast of (Section 73.1206)

For more information on AM and FM radio broadcasting, please visit the Audio Division website, and the Broadcast Radio Links page.

For more information on Television broadcasting, please visit the Video Division website.

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